A Prayer of Confession

Almighty Father, we call upon your name and declare that You are Ever-Present, Eternal, and Abundant with love. Still, there are times when we fail to acknowledge Your presence in our daily activities so that shame invades our hearts and we tend to hide our true feelings. Fear cripples us and we miss the chance to speak from our strength. Doubt overpowers our optimism, and we question our own wisdom. Oh, Holy One, day and night, remind us again of Your holy presence within us. Help us to break through shame and self-doubt. Allow us to see you in every circumstances so that we may live honestly, speak from our wisdom, and act courageously.

Forgive us, God, for all the things we did that made us feel uncomfortable before Your presence. The front acts that we try to master for men to see will never deceive You, for You know every detail of our thoughts and memories. You have already identified every motive that initiated within us. We acknowledge with true repentance that selfish thoughts may have entered our minds. We also recognize that we have allowed our thoughts to wander through unclean and forbidden paths. We have used those we knew were not for us and desired for things that we should not have.

We acknowledge that, most of the time, we have decided ourselves where our plain responsibility lay. Now, we confess before You that our ears have become deaf to the gentle whisper of Your call, and our eyes have become blind to the signals of your guidance. Make us to be more willing of the change, even though it requires a painful process to refine our souls and the therapy of discipline. Give us a warm and soft heart that we may receive the blessings of Your forgiveness and the benediction of Your word. Amen.

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