A Prayer to Put on the Whole Armor of God

Almighty Father, I praise and worship You because You are true and ever-living God. I am honored to be your servant and I take Your whole armor to stand against the enemies attack on my family, my ministry, and I. Lord, as I take every pieces of the armor, please securely fasten them in place. I put on the shield of faith to extinguish all the blast of storms from the evil one. I equip myself with the helmet of salvation to protect my mind from the lies of the enemies. And I will place the breastplate of purity to cover my body with the righteousness of God.

Father, sanctify me according to Your word, and remind me of the truth through the Holy Spirit that destroys the lies of sin. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, every foothold of evil has been washed away. I gird my loins with the belt of Your word, O God, which is always true, and Your peace always surpasses our understanding. I have favor from the Lord and man. I walk in my inheritance as an adopted child of God and have the authority over evil in Jesus’ name. I will use the sword of the Holy Spirit through speaking the word of God as it applies to any situation I may encounter.

Lord, always remind me of Your word through the Holy Spirit. I will continue to pray throughout the day, and intercede for all Christians whenever I am prompted to do so. I believe that the You are interceding on my behalf according to my prayers. Thank you, Father, for the complete armor You have bestowed on me. Surround me with your lavish protection as I move forward on the spiritual battlefield today. I will continue to declare that You are my refuge and fortress. Amen.

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