All these blessings come from You – Morning Prayer

After a long and restful stretch of hours in sleep, You open my consciousness and I awake to behold and bask in the light of another day from Your mighty hand, O Lord my God. The familiar and refreshing sounds of morning greet me to announce the beginning of a new day that will not be like another. Even before the sunlight can peak from the window to warm my face, You warm my heart first. Because of You, I am glad to be alive.

From the first moment of wakefulness to the very last, I offer You all the praise and gratitude and love and trust that You make me capable of. All these blessings come from You and I give them back to You in an endless cycle. Occupy my entire being in this entire day that nothing I shall do or say or think will be inconsistent to Your will for me. Do not allow anything in me and anything and anyone around me break this bond between us, no matter what occurs today.

Send Your peace and light also to every member of my family, my friends, those in my class (or place of work), everyone I shall meet and deal with today for any purpose. Grant that whoever will cross my path today will know You a little more and love You a little better through my ways. Turn the hearts of those who are embittered by severe trials and those who live in the dark of a lack of grace. I do not know them but You do and I call attention to them.

I know that not everything may work for me today as I wish. I know that fallen nature will conspire with the world and the enemies of our salvation to block the faith that is available for me for the asking to shield me from them or win the fight against them. My own weaknesses and pride may lead me to bitterness so that I lose sight of the reality that all trials are passing and have no power against Your infinite love for me. Make me see through these and overcome what I need to overcome so that I may live as  my Savior, Your Son Jesus Christ, lived His every day on earth. I ask this in His Name. Amen.