Christians in Wuhan Plead for Prayer as Deadly Virus Spreads

God full of compassion and mercy, we lay prostrate before you and confess our sin. We have sinned against you, our city, our country, our compatriots, and we ourselves are short of Your glory.

Wuhan and the surrounding cities have now been closed, and the spread of the virus has exceeded our capacity. The city is surrounded by the shadow of death. We, the covenant people who have received great grace, cry out to You oh Lord, asking You to forgive us for our pride, and ignorance. Our neglect has created this global disaster. Today, we repent for our sins. Please purify our hearts.

Save us oh Lord from this great calamity. Forgive our sins and transgressions. Save us from disaster. You are the only one who can save us.

Help us not to hide ourselves, but may we have a strong sense of social responsibility to serve the elderly and the children.

We send special prayers for the protection of those living in poverty in the countryside villages.

We pray for our fellow citizens of the city of Wuhan to prevent the spread of this virus. May they no longer take this situation lightly.

We pray to you Almighty Lord, to send warm weather so that this virus has no hospitable environment in which to live.

We pray that You provide protection over the other cities as well.

Oh Lord, we remember the healthcare workers in particular. Protect them as they serve the sick.

We pray for Your mercy Lord. Our bodies are weak and vulnerable like dust in the wind. May we come to you with a heart of repentance. Help us to preach Your message, remain upright and righteous before you, and lead a clean life with a transformed heart. Only You give peace and hope.

Merciful God, You are slow to anger and abundant in love. Please remove this plague, hear the cry of Your people, and have mercy on the city of Wuhan.

These are the prayers of the churches that the Lord loves, all in the holy name of our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Amen!

Public Prayer from the LJ Church, with reference to the 1932 Public Prayer

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