Faith in God’s Love and Plan

Lord God, thank You for being a faithful God. In good times and in bad times, You are always there. You never change. You are always with me regardless of the circumstances where I am in.

I pray that You will continue to stir my faith up so that I remain strong. My current situation is not pleasant at all. Things have gone unfavorable and there have been a lot of discouragements raging its way on me.

God, I pray that I will remain firm and not be tossed back and forth by unbelief. Help me find courage in the midst of this negative situation so that I continue to move forward and do Your will. Do not allow me to wallow in this current situation.

Be the one to lift me up. Be the one to strengthen my heart. Be the one to fill me with truths and encouragements. Be the one to cause revival in my life. Be the one to be glorified in every situation.

I know that You have the power to turn my mourning into dancing. You are the One who’s capable of taking off my sackcloth and clothing me with joy. You are not silent when I suffer. You always hear me when I call.

Thank You because You are the God who causes everything to work together for the good of those who love You. No matter how negative a situation may look, I know that You will turn that into something beautiful as You always do.

All I need is to trust You every step of the way. And that is my prayer. I pray that I will not be shaken. That I will not be moved. That I will remain hopeful and faithful all the time. I know that by Your grace, this will be so. My confidence is in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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