In the values and teachings of a true child of God – Prayer for Children

Heavenly Father, You are our Creator. You made us in Your image. You have knitted us fearfully and wonderfully in the wombs of our mothers. You adopted us as true children through Jesus Christ. We thank You for allowing us to live inside the warm embrace of our families. We thank You for helping our parents raise us. Most especially, we are thankful for gifting us with children when it was time for us to raise new generations. We are grateful for these kids, Lord. They have brought so much joy to us.

We pray for these children that they will grow to be God-fearing. We pray that they will desire to know you even in their young age. We pray that their hearts will be turned to You as they taste and see Your goodness. We pray that their characters will be molded into Christlikeness and that they will find true intimacy in their relationship with You.

Protect them oh God from all deceptions. Do not let the Devil blindside them. I pray that even as they grow in an environment where their mothers and fathers are serving the Lord, they will not grow weary but excited. I pray that they will decide to give their lives to You as their parents did.

Help them, Lord, to stand their ground in faith even as they encounter the temptations of youth. Safeguard them from these temptations – the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. Help them to find deeper convictions to remain in the values and teachings of a true child of God. Do not let the Devil deceive them. Use them to raise new generations of faithful and committed men and women of God. This is our plea in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

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