Intercessory Prayer for Those Affected by The Covid-19

Our heavenly Father, I know that You are with me. You are listening to my pleas. You hear my cries. You see the sufferings of the people around me. You see their grieving hearts. I know, Lord, that You care for the brokenhearted especially those who have lost their loved ones to Corona virus. Many have suffered already. Many have lost their fathers, mothers, grandchildren, children and friends. Many have been grieving up until now.

Lord, I pray for them. I believe that You are our ultimate comforter. You care about us and You heal all forms of brokenness. I pray for the families and friends of the victims who have been left behind. Grant them the strength to withstand the pain of loss. Help them see the light and hope in the midst of this situation.

I pray that they will be able to move on and walk ahead. I pray that they will receive all the help that they need whether it is physical, emotional, financial and spiritual. Help them to put their complete trust in You. I pray that they will choose to live by faith even as they undergo such difficulty. Do not allow bitterness to grow in their hearts. I pray that they will learn to forgive and let go.

I pray for those who are in pain. You know the conditions of their hearts and minds. I pray for those who find it more difficult to accept their situation – their loss. Grant them extra care and gentleness, Lord. Help them find enough reason to walk and move forward.

Despite what they are going through, I pray that they will learn to rejoice and be glad. Protect them from the lies that the enemy may throw at them any moment. Shield them with Your truth. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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