Morning Prayer for God's Will and Plan with Joyful Heart

God of Creation, You are the Lord of heaven and earth. I bring You praise today. Thank You for bringing me to a brand new day. Your grace and mercy is new every morning. I am excited to spend this with You, Lord.

Everyday with You is sweeter than the day before. And I choose to worship You, to bring You adoration and praise. You deserve it, Lord. You deserve to be lifted up on high for who You are.

I am grateful for this new day. I woke up with a heart filled with joy. Thank You for restoring strength in my body for the joy of the Lord is my strength. Thank You for bringing me hope. The sunshine reminds me that there is hope in Christ and that kind of hope does not disappoint. Thank You for putting excitement in my heart. Even the enthusiasm that I have comes from You as well.

Thank You for this sweet moment that I get to treasure just gazing upon Your beauty magnified in the daylight. Everyday, You remind me of who You are. You are my Father who is powerful and strong and gentle at the same time. I am Your child. I am secured in Your arms.

I pray that as I spend time with You now, You will open my spiritual eyes to the truths You want to reveal to me. Grant me wisdom to figure out Your purposes and plans for me for today. Give me a teachable heart – one that is willing to learn and obey You whatever it takes.

Help me to take those leaps of faith whether in small or in big things. I pray that I will choose to say, “Yes, Lord”, all the time. Prepare my body, my soul and spirit for the spiritual battle. Equip me for victory, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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