Pray for Children with Thanksgiving

Heavenly Father, the one and only God, You are the creator of all things including us, humans. You have adopted us to be Your children by the precious blood of Christ. We are grateful for the privilege of knowing You and having a relationship with You.

We offer You our sincere thanks for the blessings of raising children. We acknowledge that they come from You and they are Yours. We are but stewards You have assigned to take care of them and lead them to grow as God-fearing individuals.

We pray that You will grant us wisdom to help these kids grow. We pray that You will help us build a loving and safe environment for them. We pray that we will be effective in showing them love through gentle yet firm discipline. May we always use the right words when we speak to them and not be impatient when they are being stubborn.

We pray that we will learn to understand the processes that they are going through and be able to help them in overcoming those. We pray that we will always show love and affirmation even when they fail. Help us to treat and see them as Your pots being molded according to what You desire. We pray for Your will to be done in their lives.

Protect them Lord from all attacks of the evil one. We hope that even at their young age, they will learn to understand their new identity in Christ. We pray that they will find security not in this world but in You alone. I hope that they will learn to love You with all their heart, soul and strength and that this love continues to deepen as they grow older year by year.

We pray that they will continue to treasure the gem that they have in You. Help them to stand strong in the biblical values that have been imparted to them. Cause them to be deeply rooted in their relationships with You, Lord.

Thank You because we know You are with us even as we face the challenges of raising new generations. We believe in Your power that is at work in our families and relationships. This is our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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