Pray for Family to Build A Foundation on Christ Alone

Our Lord God Almighty, we bring You praise and honor. We lift Your name above all names for You alone are God and no else. To You alone do we put our hope and trust. To You alone do we submit our lives. You are our defender against the enemies. You are our refuge in times of trouble. You are our comforter and healer.

We bring before You in prayers our families. We come to You in humility acknowledging that the lives our family members have come from You. We thank You for putting us together and ordaining us to live as part of each other’s lives. Thank You for the gift of relationship that exists among us.

You have given us the chance to live our lives surrounded by the people we love and who love us the same. Family is one of the most precious things You gave us. It is truly a great blessing to have one. So we pray that You will lead us thoroughly according to Your will.

Grant us wisdom and discernment in our daily decision-makings. We pray that whatever Your purposes are for our families, let it be accomplished.

Lord, we continue to pray that our families will truly build a foundation on Christ alone. Teach us to live our lives in complete obedience to You. We pray that we will always be united in serving You. It is our desire that we grow together in faith and service of Your name.

We pray that each member will have such a deep and genuine relationship with Christ. As a family, we pray that we will be able to demonstrate the true design for how God wants every family to be. Be exalted in our relationships within. We glorify Your name alone, Lord Jesus. Amen