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Pray for Family to Have Christ at The Center of Their Relationships

God Almighty, our loving Father. You are the God who gave life to me, the one who formed me inside my mother’s womb. Thank You for the lives of my parents and siblings. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to live within the embrace of my family members. I am thankful for the love You continue to show me through them. 

Lord, it is my prayer that every family will experience the warmth of love of having true relationships with each other. A lot of families now are dysfunctional and many children are brought up without knowing who their real parents are. Many parents are separating. I pray that You will preserve the sanctity of having a complete family. It is Your design from the very beginning. 

I pray that there will be genuine and affectionate relationships among parents and children. I pray that they will love each other dearly with the love that comes from You. I pray that they will be able to establish solid foundations in their relationships and not be easily waved by the problems they face. 

I pray that every family will always be united in love. I pray that they will be strong in facing challenges and problems, that they will continue to support each other all the time. I ask that You will prevent them from any form of division. May they find comfort and strength from each other in times of need. 

I pray that every family will have Christ at the center of their relationships. I pray that each of them will have a personal relationship with Him. May every family find their security in the Lord. I pray that more and more godly families will be established and raised. This is my prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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