ArticlesPray for God's guidance to my future life when I felt lost

Pray for God’s guidance to my future life when I felt lost

Lord, thank You for being my constant light. You have never failed to lead me through the valleys and oceans, helping every step of the way to find the perfect way. You have patiently led me to walk straight ahead. Not even once did You leave me behind.

Forgive me, Lord, if there were times that I was stubborn to follow Your leading. There were times that I was acting independently, walking a life apart from You. Forgive me for the times that I turned a deaf ear on You voice. Many times have I found myself lost because of my disobedience.

Many times have I found myself broken in the process because of hardheadedness. Many times have I failed because I was too proud to break free from Your hold.

But now, I have realized that Your words have been true. Apart from You, I am nothing. Apart from You, I can do nothing. So here I am now coming back, reaching my hand to You. Help me, Lord, to be lifted up. Help me to find Your way again.

I pray that this time around, I will be more faithful to You. I pray that I will learn to fully surrender everything about me under Your Lordship. I pray that I will trust You even more with my future, being confident that You have prepared the best one for me.

I pray for Your encouragement to keep me going. Give me a renewed strength to follow Your lead, this time without restraint. May my eyes remain fixed on You alone. Where you go, I’ll go. Where You stay, I’ll stay. Let my every movement be in harmony with Your direction.

Do not let me drift apart again, Lord. Hold me up. I know that You will never let me down. Thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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