Pray for God’s love to calm all my fears when I face failure and doubt my value

Dear Lord, you know the fears that I have in my heart. You know my disappointments and my failures. You see how discouraged I am for my shortcomings. I know that this should not be but this is how I honestly feel.

I pray that You help me be delivered from this downfall. I do not know how to bring myself back because I am really tired and fed up with my own failures. I am having doubts but I do not want to lose myself in this deception. Please extend a hand to me and lift me up because I am drowning.

Show me Your grace and let me hold on to the unconditional love that You have for me. You promised that nothing and no one shall ever separate me from Your love. You know my weaknesses and You know my sins even before I committed them. And yet, You have forgiven me. Your love never fails.

Lord, I pray that I will earn to lean on You when painful times of failure come. Help me understand that I will only be able to do all things through Christ. Teach me not to do things my own way. Humble me down so that I will not live a self-sufficient life. I pray that I will take these as opportunities to learn.

Above all, help me to run this race with perseverance. Please encourage me to keep aiming for the prize that awaits at the finish line. Strengthen my feeble arms and weak knees. Build up my faith so that I don’t give in that easily.

I pray that my heart will learn endurance. I pray that my soul will be still before You. Teach me to trust Your process and to be confident always. In Jesus’ name. Amen.