Pray for Hope in Suffering

God of the Heavens, You are our living hope. You are our Father, Friend, Comforter, Defender, Provider and Savior. Thank You because we have a solid foundation because of Christ. 

Thank You for establishing our faith and strengthening our hearts to face every challenge that comes our way. I am blessed to have a personal relationship with You especially during this time of crisis where I have no one to put my hope aside from You. 

Lord, I thank You for the sufferings. I thank You because I know You have a bigger purpose for allowing unpleasurable things to come our way. Problems are Your way of calling out to us. And I trust You. I trust You because Your ways are higher than that of humans. Your thoughts are way deeper than ours. 

We may not fully comprehend the purpose behind our sufferings but I know that You are doing this to have Your will done in every nation. Because You are a sovereign and loving God, we know that Your ultimate purpose is for everyone to be saved. 

Grant us hope, Lord, during this time of trouble. Allow us to endure even more with the sufferings that we face. Do not let us succumb into fear and unbelief. Help us, Your children, to stand our ground as we undergo this painful test. 

I pray that no one of us will give up. Comfort us, Lord. Restore our weak hearts. Fuel our thoughts with the truth of Your words. Encourage us daily so that we will continue to put our trust in You. 

I pray that we will truly discern Your will and that we will act according to it. Help us find Your purpose for us. Help us to do Your will even as we wait for Your deliverance. Thank You, Jesus, for bringing hope in our hearts. You are our hope and so we pray this in Your name. Amen. 

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