Pray For My Future Husband When I Am Single

Heavenly Father, thank You for allowing me to experience a loving relationship with You. You are the One who taught me what genuine relationships look like. You are the One who helped me establish meaningful relationships with others as well.

You have created us as relational beings and I know that it is Your will that we find our life-partners while we are here on Earth. Lord, it is my desire to find a husband. It is my desire to experience marriage. It is my desire to build and establish a God-centered family.

I pray that You will help me grow in this season of waiting. I pray that even as I enjoy the period of being single, I will use all my time and effort accomplishing what You want me to accomplish. I pray that I will remain patient, enduring and rejoicing as I wait for the man that You have prepared for me.

I pray for him, whoever he is. I pray that this man will grow as Your true disciple. I pray that he will have a strong faith and deep commitment to obey You. I pray that he becomes responsible and strong-willed. I pray that he would fear and love You with all his heart, soul and strength.

I pray that this man grows to become a great leader, a man of faith. I pray that You will use him to lead more and more people to Christ. That he will allow himself to be used for the expansion of Your kingdom. That he will always put You on top of everything.

Thank You because I know that You are at work in the lives of the both of us. We may not know each other now, but I believe that You will bring us together in Your perfect time. Protect us from all temptations. In Jesus’ name. Amen.