Pray for Peace against Worry in Hard Time

Lord, we come to You and ask for forgiveness for the many times that we had doubted You. Forgive us Lord for not trusting You despite all the good things You’ve done for us in the past. Forgive us for not remembering Your goodness and faithfulness to us.

Forgive us for not fixing our eyes on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of our faith. We have failed so many times, Lord, in this area. We humbly come to You in prayer now. We acknowledge our failures, our lack of faith and inability to depend on You.

Father, remind us of who You are. You are the God of the universe. You are the Sovereign Lord of all. You are the God who cares and understands our needs. Help us Lord to be spared from worrying and overthinking.

We pray that we will truly learn what it means to rest in Your presence and to enjoy that kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. Whatever we are going through right now, we pray that we will not be rendered helpless and disabled. May we find help from You alone.

We ask that You to allow us to exercise faith in all areas of our lives whether in big or small things. Do not let us waver in unbelief during difficult situations. Teach us to endure the trials and believe that it is You who will deliver us. There is sure victory in Jesus.

May Your promises rest deeply in our hearts and minds. May we always remember the words You have said to us. May we use those as weapons whenever the enemy attacks us with his lies.

May we stand strong and firm in our devotion to You and not be overwhelmed by problems at hand. We pray for strength of heart, Lord. May we face each day with great strength and courage through Jesus. In Jesus’ precious name, we pray. Amen.