Pray for The World to Get Salvation

Lord of heaven and earth, You are our only God and there is no other besides You. We worship You for who You are. You deserve all praise, glory and honor. You are Lord of all. You have created the universe. You formed us in Your image. You breathed life into our bodies. We were created for Your purpose, Lord. We are Your children.

Lord, the relationship that You intended for everyone to experience has long been tainted with sin. People are now living their lives away from You. Sin has taken a deep root in humanity that it blindsided us to think that we can go on living our lives for ourselves and not for You.

The enemy has put such a deception making us to believe that we are our own god. We have lived our lives in selfishness thinking that all that there is in life are the things of this world. We have gone away from You, Lord. The people You have so intended to enjoy a personal relationship with You have traded it off for the temporary things of this world.

Oh God, I pray for their salvation. I pray that You will save this humanity, the generations of sinful men. I pray that they will get to hear the message of salvation that You have for each of them. I pray that everyone, no matter how deep their sins have gotten, will experience deliverance in Christ.

I pray that they will listen to Your still small voice calling them out to repent and be baptized. I pray that they will desire to know You. I pray that they will get tired of living their lives for temporary pleasures and would seek for a more meaningful life. I pray that these people will find their way back to You, as Your children, because this is what You want us to be.

Lord, thank You because You are the one at work in each other’s heart. I know that You are more than capable of turning their hearts from stone into flesh. Your love, mercy and kindness will surely lead them to repent. This is my hope for this humanity. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.