Pray to resist Satan’s lies and have right identity in Jesus Christ

Lord God, I come to You in prayer and ask for help. The battle is real and the Devil has been constantly throwing lies in my head to the point that I am becoming restless. I am weak, Lord, and I cannot wage war on my own. 

Help me, oh God, to be strong against the Devil’s deception. Renew my mind and fill it in with godly thoughts. I pray that You will help me identify the lies from the truth. Grant me the power to denounce the enemy’s voice and call upon the name of the Lord every time I get tempted.

Lord, teach me to be aware of the enemy’s schemes and plans. Give me discernment and help me to live in caution. May I always be on guard of my own thoughts and actions so that no area of my life will be left as a doorway for the Devil’s plans to get in. 

I pray that I will have a clear and firm understanding of who I am in Christ. I pray that I will hold on to my new identity as a new creation and will no longer be deceived to go back to my old life. Help me to always cling to that truth and remain confident of such truth. May this truth always grant me freedom. 

Lord, remind me to submit my whole life to You day by day. Like Joseph, I pray that I will have a strong sense of resistance when it comes to sin. That I will choose to flee away whenever temptation comes face to face with me. That I will choose to turn to You specially during the most vulnerable times. 

Thank You for providing a way to defeat the Devil. Even from the very beginning, You have assured me that I am walking through victory. Christ has won this over. The enemy cannot do anything to harm me. I declare this in Jesus’ name. Amen.  

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