Prayer against Corona Virus

Heavenly Father, the God of the universe. You are our Lord and Savior. You are our only hope. In this time of trial, we know that we have no one else to come to but You. Lord, we come before Your throne with complete humility. We are here to pray as a nation. We are here to pray as Your people. Forgive us Lord. Forgive us for our sins. We know that even this pandemic Corona virus is Your way of awakening people and leading us to true repentance. We acknowledge oh God that we are nothing before You and that we have no power to stop this virus from spreading. Forgive us, Lord, for the many times that we have hardened our hearts. If we have not responded to Your calling to us. If we have been negligent of Your warnings, forgive us Lord for our stubbornness.

Jesus, we are here to plead for Your saving blood to cover us and protect us from this infectious disease. We ask that You put a stop to the outrageous spreading of this virus. Lord, we know that even just a word from You, this virus will cease harming people. Just a word from You, Lord and it will vanish. We humble ask for You to spare us from this. Have mercy on us, Your people. Have mercy on Your children. Have mercy on families. Please secure the borders of our communities that no one will get infected. Please secure our households that no member of our families will be exposed. For those communities where the virus has gotten into, please provide healing and recovery.

We pray, Lord, that more than the scare this virus brings to people, we will truly realize the message that You want to tell us. Help us discern Your will during this trying time. May we remain level-headed and secure of Your protection. We pray that we will remain vigilant and faithful at the same time. Thank You, Jesus for the assurance we have in You. This is our prayer. Amen.


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  2. My Gracious and Heavenly Abba Father my Sovereign Lord my Author and Finisher..The beginning and the End my Yesterday Today and Forever my Rock in times of need my Merciful God You are our Ruler and My Precious Merciful God You and Only You can Send Your Word and Heal our land our Mighty God Only You…..
    So now at this very hour You know what the entire Universe is facing and how many people as lost their lives through this virus our God…
    Father forgive us Your children our sins we are not worthy of Your forgiveness but You forgive us still we sin against You every second of our lives You forgive us still that’s what You are our Good Good Merciful Father full of Grace for us and yet we are not worthy of it but yet You forgive us and shower us with Your Grace..And because You are our Gracious Father and Sovereign Lord we know Your Mighty Hands can Save this Universe which You created our God Almighty…
    Abba Father my Daddy God i come in Faith to You, this is my plea to You for Your Universe You given us Your children to live in…Right now Daddy this world is not right this virus as come full to this world taking lives of loved ones and i know Daddy You hear our Prayers and see our cry and feel our pain in this pandemic times. So Daddy i pray that Your Mighty Healing Hands as already started Healing Your children Your land Daddy God..I pray this virus will not have power to get worse but rather get DESTROYED IN JESUS MIGHTY AND GLORIOUS POWERFUL NAME…
    Only You can destroy this virus Daddy…
    So i leave South Africa and the entire Universe at Your Mercy and at the FOOT OF YOUR SON’S CROSS…Daddy the wonderful thing is that we Your children know and Acknowledge You and Who You Are Daddy our God Almighty in Whom we Trust Maker of Heaven and Earth our Loving Daddy Who can’t see His children hurting …
    So Daddy i Pray You will bring Healing to Your Land Heal our Land Daddy..We Love You with all our Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength
    Daddy i lift my Prayer up to You Through Your Precious Son our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth….AMEN AND AMEN..
    All Praise Glory and Honour belongs to our God Almighty…..Thank You our Trinity for hearing our prayer Amen….

  3. We pray this in your Holy and Mighy Sovereign name Jesus Christ. God the Creator, Holy and ,Just and Merciful.
    I have Faith In YOU. I trust in You.
    Thy Will be done.
    Forgive us, and protect those who are yours.
    Bring those who are loss to you.
    Heal our lands and let now this plague touch us.
    Even so. Even so. My Trust is in thy Will!
    Continually strengthen it… I Love you Father. Most importantly I’m Soo Very Greatful You Love me! Thank you MY Savior JESUS Christ for paying the price for my sins. My filth. You washed me from with the blood you shed for me on the cross. Thank you. THANK YOU! FOR THE SALVATION You have given me.
    Amazing Grace Indeed.

  4. Dear Jesus Christ,maraaaaming salamat po Lord sa patuloy mong pagiingat sa amin sa anak ko kay broh sa akin sa mga kapatid ko sa mga pamngkin ko sa lahat ng anak ni broh at sa buong mundo.dalangin ko po ikaw lamang Lord ang dakilang makakagaw ng lahat panu namin malalampasan ang lahat ng ito patawarin mo po kami Lord sa lahat ng aming mga paulit ulit na pagkakasala sayo at di nmin pag sunod sa mga kagustuhan mo,patawarin mo po kami Lord.dalangin ko po dina madadagdan ang 140 na infected at lahat sila gagaling hipuin mo po ang doctor gawin mo po silang instrumento upang sila ang maggamot ng infected.dalangin ko po Lord walang magutom walang magaaway magkasundo ang lhat magtulongan ang buong mundo magkaisa at magtulongan.iligtas mo po ako Lord dahil baka hanpan ako ng pera ni broh Lord natatakot po ako na baka malamn nyan wala pa akung naiipon dalangin ko wag muna kahit na sinu ang mngailangan ng pera.ingatn mo po kaming laht Jesus ikaw lamang po ang higit na makapnagyarihan sa lahat at wala na pong iba.alam ko po may magagawa ka alam ko po walang imposible sayo Lord,dalangin ko po walang magutom sa buung mundo napakadaming pong matulongin ngaung panahon napakadami pong magbbigay ngaun.ilayo mo po kami Lord sa kapahamakn at masaya po ako dahil may gumaling na ito na po ang umpisa laht sila gagaling at kilan man dina madadagdagn ang 140.ingtan mo kaming lhat mila po sa hangin tubig koryente at pagkain.ama wala pong imposible sayo.gabayan at iligtas mo po ako Lord sa kahihiyan.ikaw po Lord ang aming doctor tubig at pgkain.maraming salamat po.amen

    english´╝ÜDear Jesus Christ, thank you very much Lord for continuing to watch over my son for me and my brothers and sisters for all my children and grandchildren. And all over the world. I pray that you are the only Lord it is great that we can do it all and that we will overcome all this and forgive us Lord for all our repeated sins and if we do not follow your wishes, please forgive us Lord. infected and all they can do is contact the doctor and make them an instrument so that they can treat the infected. I pray Lord no hunger no one will fight all over the world speak together and speak. broh Lord money I am afraid that he may not have anything to save I pray not even if anyone needs the money. please remember us Jesus you are the only one who can do more hat and nothing else. I know what you can do I know nothing is impossible for you Lord, I pray that no one is hungry in the whole world so much to help nowadays so much to give one. because this is a good cure for the beginning since they will recover and maybe add 140. you see us all in the air with electricity and food. There is nothing wrong with you. Help me save my Lord from shame. Lord our water doctor and food. Thank you very much