Prayer Before Sharing the Gospel

Dear Jesus, You are indeed the Author of Salvation. You demonstrated Your love for me through dying on the cross for my sins. After three days, You rose again from the grave. Thank You because You have saved me from the lake of fire. I am now reconciled with the Father. But I am not called to sit around and just wait for Your coming- I am called to make a stand by faith. I have been saved to let others know about You. 

Thank You for speaking to my heart, Lord. You have touched my life to be a blessing to other people. Because salvation is not something I have earned through good works; rather, it is a gift I was freely given because You love me. You have sent people to reach out to me about Your good news. So today, I am making the decision to do the same for others who are lost and in need of Your grace.

Teach me to be your hands and feet to those who haven’t heard Your story. Please remove every ounce of worry, fear, and doubt I may encounter along the way because I know the devil is working extra hard so that I cannot win hearts for You. But Jesus, You are sovereign, and there is nothing that can stop You from expanding Your kingdom. Give me the courage to speak about Your goodness and faithfulness alone. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I may always say the right words.

Lord, I pray that You will open more doors of opportunities where I can grow as I share the Gospel with all my family members, friends, workmates, and other people. Remind me that nothing is ever wasted when I do things for You. No matter how they will react to what I’m about to share with them, as long as I am doing it for You, rest assured, I have served You well. I pray that the people I share the Gospel with will experience the real joy and forgiveness I am experiencing right now.

Please help me put my confidence in You alone so that I may not worry about impressing You because the Gospel is for and from You. And as I honor You with sharing the Gospel, help me continue to live a life of love and holiness, that I may practice what I preach. Because, after all, the greatest testimony I could ever tell is a life that has put complete trust and faith in You. I submit my all. Thank You, and may I glorify You today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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