Prayer for Blessings of Family

God Almighty, we bow down and pray that You bless and reach out to the homes of Your people. Gracious Father, touch their hearts and guide them to a righteous living. Walk beside them daily and draw them closer to You so they will become one as a family. Change their hearts and allow them to hunger and thirst of Your presence.

Your people are crying out to You so their families will be saved. We ask that their mothers and fathers, their husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, as well as their in laws and extended family will receive Your unlimited blessings. Heal their aching bodies, and bind every curse spoken against them. Cleanse them with the precious blood of Jesus, and may they be born again and saved, through Your mighty name.

There are a lot of parents reaching out to you, Lord, to save their children. Many of them have lost their way, but they shall be saved according to Your will. Keep them away from negative company, and bring them back to You. Teach them how to be a blessing in the lives of those who surround them. Give them wisdom to understand and spread Your word.

In the name of Jesus, we declare God’s blessing upon my life and family. We will continue to walk by faith, and we believe that we will not lack any good thing. We declare that every member of the household is delivered from the enemies and the ruined families will be restored by His perfect love. Those that have been desolate are being built up. The devastated are being renewed in Your way. We declare that the solitary will be placed in families. All that we lay our hands on shall prosper. The grace of the Lord Jesus abounds for us. Amen.

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