Prayer for Children to Become Good Examples of Faith and Character

God, You are our Father in heaven. You are enthroned on the most high and You are the most powerful of all. Thank You because You care for us, Your people. I know that it is Your longing that humanity will come to the knowledge of Your saving grace. It is Your desire that the generations of faithful men and women will be produced in the future.

Today, I pray for children. I pray for the next generations who will become our future leaders. These children will become the next decision and policy makers of our nation. I pray, Lord, that You would mightily work in their lives now, that each one of them will come to know You. I pray that You will prepare them to become good examples of faith and character. I pray that more and more children will have a true fear of the Lord in their hearts that they will carry on until they get old.

I pray that our children will be saved from the perversions and corruptions of this world. May You continue to help parents and communities to protect and raise them according to Your will. May they exhibit genuine faith even in their young age. And that faith will continue to grow and bear fruit as they get older. May they become new breeds of hope for this dying world. Use them oh God to effect change in our communities. I pray that these young ones will become leaders of faith.

Lord, protect them from all temptations. Help them to become better citizens of our nations. It is my prayer that they grow as individuals with integrity. May they serve as salt and light of this world. I ask that You mold them into You likeness. Thank You and this I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.