Prayer for Corona Virus

Lord of Heaven and Earth, creator of the universe. You are God alone. You are God of all. We lift You up because You alone deserves the glory and honor. We thank You for being in control of all situations. We depend on Your sovereign power.

Despite the scare this corona virus has given to people, we believe that You have the power to put a stop on this. You are way bigger than this illness. And we believe that You will show Your mercy.

We come to You, Lord to ask for Your compassion to flow to us. Heal all those who have been infected. Strengthen their bodies and immune system so that they will recover fast.

To those who have been exposed, spare them. May their bodies remain strong so that they will not be overcome by the virus. We pray that those who stay at home be safe and not in any way be infected. We pray for Your special protection to all medical staff, those people who are directly dealing with the patients. Protect them at all cost. Sustain them Lord during these very difficult and demanding situations. Help them remain healthy.

To the people in authority or responsibility, please grant them utmost wisdom to make rightful decisions. We pray that resources shall overflow and be received by people who need it the most.

God, more than all these, we pray that this sickness shall lead us back to You. May we truly realize that all You ask from us is repentance. We know that You are ready to save. Help us Lord to come to You.

We pray that people will truly acknowledge that You alone are God. We come from You and we go back to You. You are our only refuge, oh God. This is our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.