Prayer For Family

Almighty Father, we come before You to lay down our petitions for our family. To our earthly family who faces the world everyday through the workplaces, schools, sidewalks, and other open areas, we ask for your protection from danger, wisdom to respond to tricky and misleading situations, and joy to exemplify your presence in our lives. We lift up to you the husbands, who have been struggling with responsibilities in both their homes and workplaces; the wives, who have to keep up with the hustles of household management and career; and to the children, who may easily stumble at one corner and loses faith in an instant. We pray that You will secure their identity in Your salvation.

Lord, we also entrust to You our brothers and sisters in different churches, the pastors, ministry workers, and missionaries. We pray that the Spirit You have put in them will continue to grow and be manifested in their works. Let the pastors deliver effective and heart-cutting message based on Your word and lead a righteous way of living. May the ministry workers thrive in their posts to serve You in different arms within a community or the church. Lastly, to the missionaries who risk their lives to places that may need Jesus; we pray for protection and guidance as You lead them to strategic places and right people, wisdom as well to solve any problems that may come during the church planting.

We praise You, Father, for giving us the gift of family. These are the people we can come to when we need support, presence, and affirmation. Thank you that You never failed to provide for our needs and for the assurance that You will be with us until the end of times.

Forgiving God, may You also teach us how to forgive those who have trespassed us, especially that from our family members. Heal the wounds that was caused by their unconscious attacks, sometimes mindless dialogues, and unnecessary arguments.

Help us to remind ourselves that we are not perfect people and we need understanding and patience to achieve peace within our midst.

Lord, remind us always that even when at times they fail to meet our needs, You are capable providing for us everything. You are always ready to reach out and offer Your grace. Thank You for the assurance of adoption and bringing us to Your presence through Jesus. Amen.