Prayer For God’s Encounter

Our Father in Heaven, All-Powerful and overflowing with grace, we are desperate for Your presence. When we doubt of Your plans and the path You have prepared seems unilluminated, help us to believe that You are ever-present. Today, Your people, whom You’ve called by Your name, is choosing to humble ourselves, seek Your face, and turn from our wicked ways, by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Give us faith to believe that You will hear us from Your throne so You will forgive our sins and heal our brokenness.

God, examine our hearts and know everything that is within us. Even before we say it, You already know the contents of our thoughts. When we travel, and even wander away from You, we are certain that You still go before us. There are times that we choose to be in the darkness and hide ourselves out of shame and fear, to You the night shines as bright as the day. This may be too great for us to understand, we can’t do anything but just accept it. Also, we can’t escape the power of the Spirit within us. For we believe that when Your presence is with us, we will not stumble as You will never slumber and always watch over us.

O Lord, You encourage us to keep on asking and seeking through prayers for You have given us the faith on the promise that by doing so, we will receive what we ask for and find what has been long-sought. So now we declare that You, our Heavenly Father, gives the good and perfect gifts to His people, if only we humble ourselves in prayer.

We rejoice before You, O God. You fill us with gladness as You pour out Your presence. Your covenant when You made us Your people is to put Your laws in our minds and write these in our hearts. We are now assured that You are with us even to the end of age. May the joy that we are encountering be evident and overflowing so others may also taste Your goodness. We now come close to You, God. We continue to trust in the promise that because of Jesus and our faith in Him, we can now fearlessly come into Your presence, be assured of Your glad welcome, and will share a meal together as friends. All these things we pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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