Prayer for God's Guidance and Blessing before Work

Dear God, from whom all blessings and provision come, we thank You. We bring You the glory and praise because You are a faithful God whose grace is sufficient for us day by day. Thank You, Jesus for showing us love beyond our understanding. Thank You for giving the things that we need everyday. And for not leaving us behind.

Today, we choose to be grateful for the work that we have. Thank You for answering our prayers when we asked You for a job. Thank You for it is Your will that we are in this place where we are. This workplace and the people around us are both blessings from You.

Forgive us also for the many times that we had been ungrateful to You. We have forsaken so many blessings and we were complaining most of the time. Help us to change that attitude. Teach us to constantly show joy in our tasks as we are working for You and not for men.

We pray that we will always offer excellence as we do our jobs. We pray that we will show integrity and honor no matter how simple or basic the work is. Let us not be complacent in responding to the needs of our co-workers and bosses.

Help us to stir unity and camaraderie within the team. Use us as true channels of encouragement and love to them. We pray that You will help us build genuine relationships with these people and lead them to the saving knowledge of Christ. Give us wisdom to do these things one by one.

Grant us strength, Lord. May we not be overcome by stress or difficulties. May we always depend on You. May we always trust You. May we always consult You. We offer these jobs back to You. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.