ArticlesPrayer for my relationship with God

Prayer for my relationship with God

Almighty God, Creator and Ruler of the universe and everything in it, and eternal loving Father, You know what I must say and need to say before I can say it. Nonetheless, I say it as it is Your pleasure that your children should connect and unite with you from the heart and hear from us.

Forever and exclusively, I praise you, worship you, honor you, glorify you and thank you every breathing moment that You mercifully grant me without my deserving it. Assert Your absolute ownership of me and everything I have and am, direct my paths from moment-to-moment, protect me from all the threats to my salvation and unity with You by revealing them to me and rejecting them as You please…

enlighten my mind and heart to always see and choose what You will in every situation, prevent me from deviating from Your will, which is my only good and true desire, forgive my every offense but preserve me from every temptation and grant me what I need in this life so that I may remain in your light and favor for myself and those You gave me to love for Your sake and Your purpose.

I thank you for the very grace of now setting all of my love, loyalty, obedience and trust upon You and asking You to stand between me and the enemy of my salvation and all his legions in their forms and works, visible and invisible throughout my life, especially when I am weakest and least attentive.

Perfect my faith and install Your kingdom in my heart to rule me jealously from within that I may live the way Your only Son Jesus Christ lived on earth from within and without. I call upon You to grant this in His Name. Amen.

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