Prayer for Pleasing God and Not Men

Father God in heaven, I admit that I have been selfish. I think highly of myself and have been serving you incorrectly. Forgive me for failing You because I chose to please other people. I know that I’ve been falling short of the person You designed me to be, and I forget that Your approval should be the only thing that matters.

Thank You because You let Your Son, Jesus Christ, die for my sins. And you desire to let others know about Him too. When You placed me here on Earth, You designed me to fulfill the mission to honor You and make disciples. But because of my fear of not fitting into the world, I am compromising my faith. I fail to fight for what is pleasing in Your eyes. 

Almighty, I am sorry for being bothered when I disappoint people, not realizing that I am hurting You in the process. I confess that when I do things for You, it becomes essential for me to consider what other people would think of me. But I realize now that if You approve of me, then I have no problem with how others see me. It is not my responsibility to get them to like me because I did what was right in Your eyes. 

I know, God, that You have the best plans for me. But I have to obey You first to be able to achieve those. I cannot receive your greatest blessings if I continue to please my family, friends, or co-workers. I also realize that I won’t be able to live a life according to Your will because I cannot glorify You while serving two masters simultaneously. But today, I am making a decision to make You my Master alone. 

Please help me know You better, so I can influence the heart of the people to get to know You as well without seeking fame or popularity. Lord, help me not to be self-centered in the process of glorifying You. Remind me that I should live only for Your approval and not man. Help me not to serve myself alongside serving You. Humble my heart so I can be a better instrument of Your grace. 

God, help me not to obey you for the wrong reasons. Remind me that I started in faith, so I should also continue in faith. Help me remember that I can’t see life’s beauty if I do not live it for Your purpose. Thank You for everything. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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