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Prayer for Protection Against Evil

Father, the enemies are always ready to attack. Their bullets are persistent and come from every direction. Despite this, we know we are completely covered by Your feathers, and under Your wings, we are fully protected. Fear may cause our trembling knees to keep moving forward, but faith will guide us to an enduring trust in Your unfailing love.

You are our Rock, our Shelter that safeguards us from Satan’s blast of storm. Keep us away from distractions, temptations, and diversion that may compromise our full potential. Allow our thoughts to be fixed on what is true, pure, and worthy of praise.

Lord, You are the preserver of humans and keeper of our lives. We commit ourselves to Your ultimate care on the journey You have written for each of us. We pray that you will equip us with Your armor, along with the angels of heaven to walk with us in all our ways.

Let no evil succeed in their wicked plans for us, nor any harm come into our dwelling place. We may never be certain of what the days may bring, prepare our hearts, mind, and soul for any event or delay, and greet them with patience and understanding.

Protect us, God, from any person or relationship that will eventually push us to the wrong path. Cause us to become sensitive to the people in our lives, and respond accordingly to their elusive influence on our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional habits. Bring wise and genuine friends, mentors, and people into our lives, and separate us from those that may weaken our relationship with You.

Bless us, Almighty Father, that we may run the race with joy and finish it safely and successfully under Your watchful care. You lift our heads as we are encouraged by Your words today, while our hopes are secured in our future eternal home. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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