Prayer for Spiritual Warfare

All-powerful King, Blameless Lamb, my Deliverer, I praise Your Holy Name. Thank You, God, for giving me strength to overcome trials and temptations. I am grateful that You always help me find peace within my mind and soul. Teach me, Father, to walk in truth every day as I strive to live Your word so people may come to know You as well. Protect me from deceiving preaching and keep me from becoming prey to the enemies.

Allow me to recognize Your voice over the enemies. Grant me wisdom as I listen to Your teachings so I will be able to apply it according to Your will. Help me to distinguish Your truth from lies, based on the Bible, for Your word is my daily bread. By Your power, allow me to refuse the teachings of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and lead me to a righteous life. Teach me how to worship You in spirit and in truth even though there are many deceptions surrounding the world, claiming that Jesus Christ is not real. Keep us away from those who deny that the blood of Jesus do not have the power to cleanse our sins.

Anointed One, guide me always to live in Your truth, to know it, speak it, and experience it. Empower me with honesty and humility, especially when it is difficult to put it into actions. Allow me to realize that Your truth will set me free while lies cripple us eventually. Give me faith, wisdom, and knowledge, Lord, to let Your truth be kept deep in my heart and live according to it. Sweet Jesus, may I walk daily according to how You have demonstrated. I desire that You will accompany me side-by-side. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

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