Prayer for Strength During Troubled Times

Heavenly Father, I am tired, and I am worn. I feel pressure from all of these circumstances surrounding me, but I thank You that I am not, and they will not crush me. I am unsure of how this can or will work out for my good, but I say no to discouragement and despair in Jesus’ name. I feel like everything, and everyone is coming against me but Father, I thank you that I never stand alone. Thank you for being with me through it all, both as my friend and as my advocate.

Lord, thank You that even when all others leave and abandon me, You remain. Thank You that even when the ones I thought would be around forever choose to go, I can trust that you will stand with me. I come to You with my cares and my worries concerning this trial I am facing. Would You remind me that I am not alone? Would You tell me that you care about this and its outcome? God, I thank You for standing with me, and I receive your strength to stand another day. Thank you that I can trust you to rescue me from this and every trial I will face in this life.

Father, I need Your peace. I have allowed my attention to shift towards the distractions and circumstances I am currently struggling with. I have exhausted my resources and energy. I am actively placing my thoughts and focus back on You and Your faithfulness. I thank You that You are continually pursuing me and always drawing my heart back towards You. I thank You for Your kindness and patience towards me. Thank you for picking me up every time life, and its hard times knock me down. I will rest in You and Your finished work at the cross. Amen.