Prayer for the Broken

Dear God, I praise and worship You, for You are my strength and reward, my Rock. You are my Heavenly Father who loves everything I am and all that I can be, despite my lapses and shortcomings. You are my God who loves me the same even if I fail you every day. 

Father Almighty, I am sorry for failing to trust in You every step of my life. Forgive me for the days when I do not feel like talking to You, for the days when I feel like taking control of my life because I feel like I know better. Help me see that sometimes, You don’t change my circumstances in an instant because You’re still busy changing my heart and building my character. 

Father, today, I feel so empty. I feel like a part within me has been so broken that nothing can make it whole again. But God, I know that You are the greatest Healer. I also know that You cause all things to work together for the good of those who love You and who have been called according to Your purpose. 

Please humble me, God. Teach me that I should go deeper in prayer when the pain goes deep. That when life knocks me on my feet, and there’s nothing left to do but kneel and surrender, remind me that I am in the perfect position to call Your name and step into Your shelter. 

I pray that You will help me see and believe in Your goodness despite my stubborn heart. That even now, on my worst days, You are here. I am not alone because You have always been with and within me. Ready to welcome and comfort me with arms wide open. 

Work in this emptiness that I feel, Father. Help me say “no” to anything ungodly that will hinder my growth. Help me flee from any temptation so that I may be able to see this brokenness as an invitation to run towards You, an opportunity to grow more in faith, not as a ticket to sin and rebel against You.

Thank You, because I know that you will restore what the enemy destroyed after all these and that You will make it a thousand times better. 

Thank You because nothing and no one can stop You from fulfilling Your promises in my life, not even my doubts and fears. 

Thank You that “broken” may be how I feel, but it is not who I am. It is not my identity. I know these pieces that make up my shattered heart belong to the hands of the One who created me. I know that in You, I am and always will be whole. 

Lord, please continue to work in my heart as I live a life that is pleasing in Your eyes. I surrender everything to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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