Prayer for the Conviction of Sin

Lord Jesus, You are the Most High, King above all Kings, the Messiah, the Author of Peace. You are my Rock and Redeemer. I exalt Your name. Thank You because I know that with You, there is no condemnation. You have bought me with a price, and I will forever be grateful for what You did on the cross. I can never repay You with a sacrifice like that, but I know I can live a life that honors You. And that is more than enough for You. So thank You for loving me that much.

My Lord and Savior, I’ve been falling short of the person You have designed me to be. I am sorry for continuously disappointing You because I keep choosing to satisfy my selfish desires. I confess that I make myself the Lord of my life, which is not something You have called me to do. I am also sorry for the times I’ve sinned unintentionally. Most of all, I am sorry for the habitual sins I continuously commit and refuse to acknowledge. I am humbly asking for forgiveness for all of this. I am now repenting. 

Today, Lord, remind me of Your grace that should convict me to truly change my ways. I know that the heart is deceitful above all things, so I ask that You give me a new heart that stands firm in Your Word. A heart that does nothing but move with You and grow into Your calling. That I may not make compromises when it comes to serving You. I pray that I will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life and that I will always be convicted of all the unseen acts of idolatry that I am unaware of committing. 

As I continue to live on this side of eternity, help me honor You always. When my time is up here, there are only two destinations, a life without You or a life with You in eternity. I choose the latter. Please continue to fill me with Your Spirit, and may I never lose heart in serving You. Please continue to sustain me and allow me to enjoy my relationship with You. Again, Lord, thank You for Your unwavering love for me. I give You back all the praise, honor, and glory. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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