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Prayer for the world to know Jesus

Lord of the heavens, You are the King of the entire universe. I thank You for bringing forth salvation to humanity. Thank You for paving a way for us to come back to You through our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. 

This world has gone wicked because of Satan’s deception to the human race. All people have gone sinful and no one is righteous before Your eyes. Our hearts have gone astray. Our mindsets have been twisted. We have fallen to the traps of the devil.

But God, I remember that You are compassionate and powerful. You are the only One who could deliver us from the chains of this darkness. Deliver us, Lord. Deliver those people who are deceived. Deliver the people who are hopeless. Deliver those who are lost. Deliver all sinners.

I pray that through Your mercy, all people will come to encounter You personally. You have shown Yourself to many people. You have revealed Yourself in a lot of various circumstances. I believe that You are mightily at work in the lives of every soul alive.

Lord, help these people realize the gravity and consequences of sin. Help these people find in their hearts the longing for salvation to come. Help them realize the need for a Savior. Help them understand that they are not supposed to live in sin. Help them understand that they are meant for an eternal relationship with You.

I pray that the eyes of those people who remain stubborn and blinded will be opened. I pray that You will transform their hearts from hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. I pray that they will be led to true repentance of their sins and learn to accept by faith the salvation that Christ offers. 

Lord, I believe that You want everyone of us to be saved. You love us and I pray that all humanity will come to encounter this love. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

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