Prayer for Ukraine

Father in Heaven, thank You so much for Your amazing grace, for You are so good and sovereign. Thank You because You are the God who is always in control.

Along with the pandemic, calamities, and crises in the world today, there is war. Father, I lift up to You the country of Ukraine and its countrymen. You know what’s been happening to them. Many are hurt already, and innocent people are losing their livelihood. And it breaks my heart because you’ve called us to love and respect one another, to show kindness to everyone, yet this has been happening. 

God, I lift to You what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine. I pray for their authoritative leaders. Would You just touch their hearts, that they may have a genuine love for their people and other nation’s people. Lord, it is my desire that this war will stop. That nobody will die anymore. 

It is also my desire for the nations’ leaders to talk compassionately and lovingly, so they will start reconciling and not be controlled by their frustrations or emotions. Please touch their hearts and transform their lives. But then again, Father, You are the author of life, and we cannot control people. Only You can do that, so I surrender them to You because I know that You are loving and good. 

I also pray for the churches in Ukraine, Dear Lord. I pray for every single body of Christ who is still doing the ministry. I pray for every believer who is still doing the work. I pray that You strengthen them, Father God. Guide them and comfort them as they go through this battle with You. Please use your church in Ukraine to show love to all the people who are suffering and in need of Your grace. Please help every believer be the hope of their nation. 

I pray for every head of the household, Lord. Renew their strength every minute of the day so they will be a model of resilience in their homes. I pray for every citizen of Ukraine. Please comfort them, and provide whatever it is that they may need. 

Thank You, God, because the future of Ukraine is in the palm of Your hands. I know that You love this nation more than we will ever know. I may not know and understand what’s happening, but I still and will always truly believe that You are sovereign and good. 

Let Your will be done. I surrender everything to You. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

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