Prayer of Faith in God’s Plan

Almighty Father, it is our desire to do Your will in our lives and walk through the plan you laid for us. We have been praying how we may be able to find out and know what Your will and plan are, so that we can do it with reverence. Thank You, Lord, for sending us to 1 Thessalonians chapter five, in which You have clearly laid out exactly what Your perfect will and plans for each one of us.

Help us to walk in spirit and truth and encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith. Help us to esteem others as better than ourselves and support them in love. Help us, we pray, to encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone, always return good for evil and seek after that which is good and lovely and pleasing in Your sight.

Most of all, God, we pray that we develop a heart of ready rejoicing and an attitude of continuous prayer and praise. Give us also the ability to be thankful in all things, even during the most difficult and frustrating times. Help us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and mature in the faith, knowing that this is Your perfect will and plan for our lives.

Lord, help us to see, know and understand that You created all things and that we are just parts of the entirety You created. Help us discern that we are safe with You but without You, we are in constant danger both in this world and the world to come. Lead us today, beside the still waters. And allow us to thirst for the Living Water that we may drink and be satisfied.

Father, we have been in such a haste to get to somewhere that we tend to lose our sense of direction. As the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him, “Teach us how to pray”, so we come, O Lord, asking You to teach in the same way and eventually be led on what to pray for.

Lord, calm our hurried hearts and allow us to become more sensitive to Your voice. We do not ask that You speak audibly as it may frighten us. But we do humbly pray that You will tune out our spirits according to the Holy Spirit so that we may be able to discern what is Yours over the world’s. Help us learn to stop and listen in the middle of our hurried life and sit quietly at Your feet, becoming sensitive to Your voice.

Heavenly Father, we desire to do Your will and to find the plan You have for my life. We know Lord, that You have scheduled every day of our lives, so we believe that the right path is already laid out for us. Although we may not be entirely sure which door to push on or which path to follow, we ask You to give us wisdom to discern what You would have us do. We pray that the Holy Spirit would be our guide, to direct us where we must go. Teach us to become open to Your plans and purposes and become patient enough to wait for Your timing and not try to superimpose our own selfish plans over Your perfect plans for us.

Lord, may You also give us wisdom to know how to participate and a humble heart to seek only Your will and not insist on our plans. Give us a prepared heart and mind to hear Your still small voice above our own rebellious heart. Into Your hands, we now commit our future. We continue to praise You for we know that You have promised to guide us every step of the way. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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