Prayer to Ask God to End COVID-19

Lord God, I remember that You are our King. You are sovereign and powerful. At the same time, I remember that You are a loving, merciful and gracious God. You are kind and good and You respond with compassion.

The world has seen that indeed apart from You, we are nothing. You are the only God who controls everything. You are the author of life and You allow things to happen as You please, according to Your plans and purpose. 

I come to You in humility, Lord. I pray that You extend Your mercy to us. You have seen the suffering of the people who have lost their loved ones to COVID-19. You have heard the pleas of those families who succumbed to hunger for being jobless. You have seen the agony of those who are sick and are unable to receive proper treatment. 

I pray that You open Your heart to all of us. I pray that You will hold Your anger from us and withhold this pestilence from taking away lives. I pray that You will prevent the spread of this disease as You have many times in the old testament. I pray that out of mercy, You will put an end to this virus. 

Lord, please provide a way for vaccines to be developed as soon as possible. Grant our scientists and researchers the wisdom that comes from heaven. I pray that You will allow them to discover the most effective medication for this disease. I pray also that they will receive all the funds they need in order for them to produce such medication.

To those who are currently sick, I pray that You extend Your hand to them and heal them of their infirmity. May these people truly encounter You by way of healing. Restore their bodies to health and prevent the virus from destroying their immune system. I pray for fast recovery of these patients. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 

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