Prayer to Start Relationship with God

Dear God, I am in need of salvation, peace of mind, and rest in my soul. I have tried everything I know, including the gods I knew, and I have tried to keep the rituals and ceremonies I have been taught, but they simply don’t work at all. My guilt feelings have been crippling me and I feel the burden of sin. I am facing problems in my personal life and I need help.

When I try to fill this void within me by various pursuits of pleasure and idols, there is still no peace within. I have come to know from the Bible that You are the only One who can forgive my sins and wash my soul by Your Precious Blood, because You died for my sins.

I confess to You all the sins I have committed, from the day I was born until today. Holy Spirit, bring to my memory the sins that need to be confessed. You know my heart and Your plans are greater than the ones I have for myself. I surrender all my situations and daily struggles to You. By faith, I accept Your Son Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Lord Jesus, cleanse my soul by Your precious Blood.

A closer walk with you is what I long for every day. Speak to me, while teaching me to listen, and have your purpose fulfilled in my life. Lord, may I seek you each day with joy and fulfillment that I will no longer be weary or enslaved by any chains of sins. I give my life to You, and I will follow You for the rest of my life. Thank You, God, for Salvation through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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