Prayer to Wait on the Lord

Heavenly Father, I praise You. I praise Your goodness, faithfulness, and love for an imperfect person like me. You are all-powerful and all-knowing. You are my greatest Reward, yet, I fail to acknowledge that sometimes. So forgive me, Father. 

God, I come to You today to admit that I’ve been running away from You. I’ve been running away from Your love and protection. I admit that in my own strength, I am anxious and weary. But I realize now that it is You that I need.

I am sorry for the times I try to manipulate You because I feel like I know what’s best for me. But thank you, God, that You know me more than I know myself. And that nothing compares to Your love for me.

Thank You because You want what’s best for me even if I have a stubborn heart, even if I like to do things on my way. Thank You for always rescuing me. I pray that you will help me do everything in Your way, not through good works but faith. Please come into my heart. 

When you seem silent, help me to wait on You. Help me realize that if you’re not good enough for me, then nothing and no one will ever be. Draw me closer to You. 

Father, today I surrender my life. I offer my dreams and desires because I realize that You are more precious than any of those combined. I want to follow Your direction. I want to follow Your will. I want to fulfill precisely what You want me to accomplish. Give me strength to do all these because only in Your power can I do these. 

Thank You for everything, Lord. Thank You for giving me the chance to repent and live my life according to Your will. I will praise and glorify You while I wait for You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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