Repentance Prayer for This Generation in Challenging Times

God Almighty, You are the Lord of the Universe. You are King forever and You are the Lord of lords. You are our Holy God.

Lord, I pray for this generation. The enemy has taken hold of them, slaving them away for sin. I pray that they will find their way to freedom. Let the blood of Christ wash away their sinfulness. I pray that even as we see how evils these days are, people will truly realize that we are in the last days.

I pray that people will hear Your voice calling, wanting everyone to be saved. I pray that people will be convicted of their sinfulness and will choose to turn away. I pray that they will find forgiveness in Christ and make a decision to surrender their lives fully unto You.

Lord, I know that the current situation we are in is Your way of calling out to us. You want us to realize that You are the One and only God of this universe. You want us to realize that apart from You, we are indeed nothing. We cannot put our hope in man.

Our leaders can only do as much but those who hope in the Lord will never be shaken. You have promised that You will never leave nor forsake Your people. And even during this ordeal, we pray that we will be strong in our conviction to make Your name known to people.

I pray that You will continue to demolish the strongholds of the evil one in each and everyone’s life. Help the lost to encounter You. Help them see the Truth that will set them free. Deliver them oh God from the grips of the devil.

I pray that this generation will come back to You in true repentance. I pray for Your salvation for all people. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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