One Day God Will Bless You

One day God will bless you with one person that gives you everything you've prayed and cried for in other people. And it'll be...

God's Turning It Around

You've prayed, waited, trusted and pleaded with God to answer you. He has heard you cry. He's turning it around!

Know That It Is In God's Hands

Rest, knowing that whatever is on your mind is in God's hands!

How God Rules

God rules the world through the prayers of His people.

God Of My Safekeeping

God of my safekeeping, I want to be nowhere else but under Your care. I picture a mother bird whose every instinct tells her...

Believe In Good Things

Trust God and believe in good things to come.

Carry each other's burdens

Father God, help us to live out your love, imitate Jesus Christ, not to condemn others, but help others, carry each other's burdens, then...

Loving Christ

Though you have not seen Him, You love Him. - 1 Peter 1:8

Let It Go and Trust God

Don't block your blessings by seeking revenge on people that wronged you. Let it go and trust God to fight all your battles.

Trust In The Lord

You're going to make it. Trust me. -Psalm 23


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