The Longing Soul

God satisfies the longing soul and the hungry soul. He fills with good things. Psalm 107:9

The Lord Takes Care Of You

Lord, thank you that you know my every need and that you've promised to care of me.

Unconditional Love

Father God, Thank you for always being there for me, for watching my back all of the time, for listening to me and taking...

Christ in me

Christ in me

God Is Making A Way For You

You're not reading this by accident. This is your confirmation.Everything is going to be alright. God is making a way for you right now.

Be Rich In Spiritual Things

We must be rich in spiritual things, which are eternal, as opposed to being rich only in material things, which are temporary.

The Standards Of Giving

Quote of the day. When God blesses you financially, don't raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving. Amen!

Losing It All

You may have lost it all; yourself, some friends, or someone you were in love with. Whatever it is that you've lost, I declare...


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