God Is The Reason

God is the reason why even in pain, I smile; In confusion, I understand; In betrayal, I trust; and in fear, I continue to...

Nothing Is Impossible With Him

God will help you in unexpected ways. Nothing is impossible with Him.

Something Greater

God will never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If He asks you to put something down, it's because He wants...

Everything Will Be Alright

God is saying to you today, I have a great plan for your life. I am directing your steps. And even though you may...

God Listens

Pray because God is always listening.

God First

Put God first.

God's Got You

God's got you.

Seek, Trust, & Praise

Seek God. Trust God. Praise God.

A Great Treasure

Thank You, God, for giving me another day. Today is another chance to experience Your love. What great treasure it is to experience this...


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