The Grace Of God

You will become successful not because of your skill but because of the grace of God.

Be Still And Trust God

Be still and trust God when you don't understand.

Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS!In the morning, God is about to drop you a miracle that will cancel every worry in your life.

God's Holding Your Life Together

Today... Instead of putting down and talking about people who fall, spend that energy being grateful. God is holding your life together. Pray for...

Praying For Our Parents

Pray for your parents. Pray for their emotional and mental well-being. They like to act strong for sake. Pray that they are comforted and...

From Race To Grace

When you run alone, it's called Race. And when God runs with you, it's called Grace. Type 'Amen' if you believe.

My Rock

Jesus is my rock.

Morning Prayer for God's Guidance

Lord, I bless Your name today. I worship You because You are holy. You deserve all the glory and honor that I could ever...

Let Go And Let God

Let Go and Let GOD, Let go of your problems and let God handle them. Let go of your hurt and let God heal...

Pray for The Government to Receive God's Will And Wisdom

Heavenly Father, You are our Lord and Savior. You are the Author of life and of this universe. You are the only source of...


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