ArticlesTake The Step of Obedience Everytime You Give Me Instructions

Take The Step of Obedience Everytime You Give Me Instructions

My Father, I am thankful for the guidance that You give me day by day. I know that You have the best plans and intentions at hand for me. I know that You care about me deeply and that You want everything to be in place according to Your will. 

Lord, forgive me if there were times that I had doubts on You. There were chances when I was not confident of Your promises. I did not believe Your words all the way. There were times that I allowed worries to take over rather than finding security in You. Forgive me for allowing lies to rule my thoughts. 

I remember, God, that You are the God of the universe. You are the author of life and You have planned everything perfectly since day one. Everything that You allow to happen in my life has a purpose. I pray that I will truly learn how to seek that purpose especially when circumstances are not clear to me.

Teach me, Lord, to live by faith by obeying Your words. Help me to understand Your will with deep conviction. Lead me to always take that step of obedience everytime You give me Your instructions. I pray that I will not resist Your voice but will submit to You wholeheartedly. 

I pray that I will learn to pay great attention to the Holy Spirit who is in me. You have made my body Your dwelling place and You are always here to guide me step by step. I pray that I will learn to constantly acknowledge You. Help me to have a deep and constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. 

Thank You, God, for always reminding me that I can put my trust in You. I completely entrust my life to You. I remember Your faithfulness through the lives of our forefathers. I pray to have the faith that pleases You. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

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