Thank You for sustaining me with strength – Bedtime Prayer

Dear God,

I thank You for today. There were several things that occurred this day but I am grateful that I can just come back to You this evening. Thank You for sustaining me with strength to carry on what I had to do. Thank You for the physical health. Thank You for the wisdom that helped me to decide wisely.

I know I was able to walk on the right path because of the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Your voice that instructed me towards making right decisions was clear in its conviction. Thank you for protecting me from all attacks of the evil one – from all temptations and lies that could have easily derailed my obedience. Thank You that I am alive and breathing. And thank You for this sweet time of fellowship that I get to spend with You every night.

Lord, it is my prayer that You will continue to quiet my chaos being. There are things that still worry me until now. There are thoughts that are not exactly pleasing to You. Some are doubts. Some are fears of uncertainties. Some were insecurities due to failures. Some are discouragements.

I pray that you will help me find security in Your presence. Do not allow these burdens to last until the morning. Settle them now before I even doze off to sleep. Help me overcome my weaknesses. Heal my heart. Resupply my strength. Renew my mind so that I may have the mind of Christ in me.

I pray that You will create in me a heart full of hope and excitement to do Your will. That as I wake up tomorrow I will just be joyful and full of energy to obey Your commands. I pray that I will wake with a heart that is eagerly seeking You. I love You, Lord.

This I pray with thanksgiving in Jesus’ name. Amen.