Our Heavenly Father, We thank you this day for the wonderful opportunity given to us. We thank you for the gifts of life, that of our families and friends, and the breath in us. Thank you for the goodness and blessings over our life and the sacrifice that we may have life and freedom. Forgive us for our sins and iniquities especially when we do not thank you enough for who you are, what you do in our lives and what you have given us. As we are about to start the day oh Lord, enlighten our hearts and eyes that we may see you and your work today. Guide our path Oh Lord and let your spirit and power be with us that we might not fall into any temptation. Give us wisdom and understanding to make the best choices, fill us with your desires. Grant us a cheerful spirit even when things do not go our way. Guide and protect each and every one of us as we soak our body and soul into the blood of Jesus. Fill us with happiness and let Your will be done in our lives today.

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