When I feel no strength to pray

Lord God, there is nothing that I could ever hide from You. I know that You are aware of the exact condition of my heart. You see me for who I truly am. There is nothing that I could do to change the way I feel. 

I acknowledge that at this very moment I find it really hard to come to you in prayer. So many things have been going on inside my head that I find myself very distracted and unable to focus on you. I am deeply discouraged. My heart aches and I am restless. 

God, I ask that You help me be delivered from this situation. Help me find the strength to gather myself and approach Your throne of grace. I know that You are a God who is able to sympathize with my weaknesses. You promised not to leave nor forsake me. 

Take away all the things that distract me. Be the one to lead me in Your very presence. Lift me up as I find no strength and courage of my own. I have no one to help me but You. Please show me grace in this helpless situation. 

Lord, put the right words in my mouth even as I pray. Renew my mind and my heart that it may be filled with the truth that will set me free. Help me see the light in this darkness. Encourage me with Your promises. Do not let me fade away. 

I pray that whenever I find myself in the same situation, I will learn to depend on You more and more. Do not allow me to flee away or isolate myself. May I always run to You for help. I acknowledge that in my weakness, You are my strength. Thank You for always coming in to rescue me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.