You are my Lord who cares for me enough to free me from anxiety

Dear God, You are my strength on days I am weak, my rock when I am at the bottom. You are an all-powerful God who loves me so much. I praise and worship You. Today, I accept Your invitation to make You as my Lord and Savior.

Lord Jesus, I am struggling with an anxious heart. I have been in control of my life. I admit to depending on myself most of the time. I tend to overthink the smallest things. I am sorry. Forgive me for trying to fix my life with my own strength, for taking control of my life in my own way. And because of all these, I am always tired and restless. I am burned out. 

Today, I come to You, God, knowing and realizing that I don’t bring honor and glory to Your name when I am worrying. In fact, worrying is like insulting You that You are not really God. So please, forgive me for failing to acknowledge Your presence in my life. I am sorry that I have been struggling to humble my heart when it comes to navigating my life. I know now that You, indeed, are my Lord and Savior. That I should not just say it, but I should also step into Your shelter. 

Please remove from me a heart of stone to eventually live a life of peace. Help me humble my heart, change my heart for what glorifies You. Jesus, I pray that I will become more joyful in the present while I entrust to You future. I cast to You everything that is bothering me and taking away my peace and joy. I now commit to You all my worries and anxieties that have hindered my growth. I surrender it all to You, Jesus.

Lastly, thank You for Your love that never fails, for Your eternal love that stood by me at any cost, especially on moments I fail to glorify You. Lord, I know that You only want what’s best for me, and you love me more than I love myself. As I repent today, I am also trusting You, knowing fully well that You are my Lord who cares for me enough to free me from anxiety. 

Thank You that Your goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. I surrender to You all my worries, fears, doubts, and anxieties. I lift everything up to You. Thank You, and I love You. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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