You have been our source of strength and wisdom – Bedtime Prayer

Heavenly Father, we are grateful to once again witness Your faithfulness this day. You have been our source of strength and wisdom. Thank You for the joy that You sufficiently give us to accomplish Your will in our lives. You have given us enough grace so that we could obey You. We are encouraged by Your unfailing love. And we are grateful for each moment that we are able to enjoy this personal relationship with You.

This day may have brought us to different circumstances. There may have been times that we made wrong responses, entertained wrong emotions or thoughts that are ungodly. We ask for forgiveness, Lord. We ask for forgiveness for the times that we were less mindful of our actions, that we were not intentional in our demonstration of Christlikeness. If we have said words that hurt people, forgive us. We pray that we will always acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s guidance so that we will walk victoriously every time.

Lord, search our hearts tonight. If there are things that are not glorifying to You, remove them. We surrender to You all weariness, worry, fear, negative thoughts and emotions. Cleanse our hearts and remove every filthy thing that You see. We want to rest in You, Lord. Allow us to have peace of mind tonight, that kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. We want to find in You the kind of rest that nothing and no one in this world will ever give us. Renew our strength, not only on a physical level but more importantly on a spiritual level. Protect me from the evil’s attack tonight. Arm us with power so that as we wake up the next day, we will be ready to engage in the spiritual battle.

Thank You for your daily grace. This is our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.